Where by is Mount F8 in Fortnite – Obtain Bottles of Stone Grey on Mount F8

Here’s the spot of Mount F8 in Fortnite chapter 2 season 8 in get to come across the bottles of Stone Grey.

Alien Artifacts were being released final year. Amassing them would unlock unique customizable alternatives for the Kymera pores and skin. Now we have a new time, the artifacts have been eliminated and been changed with two unique objects.

Players require to accumulate both rainbow ink and shade bottles. The color bottles are uncovered at particular areas outlined when you view the colour technique for the Toona Fish pores and skin. The rainbow ink is found in chests, although there is not a 100% opportunity you’ll get them from chests.

In buy to unlock the stone grey model for Toona Fish, gamers will need to obtain bottles of stone gray on Mount F8. Mount F8 has been utilised for many distinct issues because the start of chapter 2. However, it is experienced a title adjust this year and players have been wanting to know where Mount F8 is in Fortnite.

We’ve designed a quick guide to enable you obtain the site of where Mount F8 is in Fortnite season 8 alongside with the place the three stone gray bottles are positioned.

The place is Mount F8 in Fortnite Season eight?

The Mount F8 Fortnite spot is on the south facet of the map. It is south of Misty Meadows and we have highlighted the site on the map beneath.

Fortnite Mount F8 Map Location Season 8
Fortnite Mount F8 Map Area Season 8

When you drop down at Mount F8 in Fortnite, you’ll see the stone grey bottles on the mini map. You will also see a glow from the bottles which really should be less complicated to location. Nevertheless, we have bundled the location of the a few stone gray bottles on the map beneath.

Find Bottles of Stone Grey on Mount F8 locations
Locate Bottles of Stone Gray on Mount F8 places

There’s a whole of 21 color bottles you are going to want to collect for unique colour choices for the skin as very well as currently being ready to unlock the character models for Toona Fish. We’ll be publishing guides on most of the bottle places as quickly as attainable.

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