Where Batman’s Bat Cave is positioned in Fortnite

Though data miners believed they had leaked the locale of Fortnite’s Bat Cave, the humble shack was below our noses the complete time.

Fortnite v16.30 was launched on Tuesday, April 27, and details miners were being fast to explore assets for Batman’s Bat Cave. The Bat Cave is a tiny picket shack similar to the one particular in the Fortnite x Batman crossover comics.

On top of that, a new island was spotted right south of Flush Factory. It was thought that the Bat Cave shack would be positioned on this compact island at a later day, but that is not the circumstance. Batman’s Bat Cave is already on the island.

Fortnite Batman Bat Cave Shack

Batman’s Bat Cave location in Fortnite

There is not a lot to see at Batman’s Bat Cave, and the location’s loot is a lot less than considerable. There are a handful of chest spawns and flooring loot places, but it will not be anyone’s new drop spot. On the other hand, it is neat to be capable to stop by Batman’s short term headquarters.

The Bat Cave is positioned on the outskirts of Slurpy Swamp beside a small cliff. The in which it is uncovered is also identical to where it was positioned in the comics. The little shack is marked with the Batman symbol above the entrance door. As very well, it is decorated with Batarangs, outdated gear, and a chalkboard stuffed with scribbles.

Fortnite Batman Bat Cave Map Locations
Fortnite Batman Bat Cave Interior

This could stop up becoming the spot of a Batman NPC in the close to upcoming which would give it more of a goal. On the other hand, some lovers speculate that a considerably more substantial underground Bat Cave will be additional to Fortnite in a afterwards update.

This continue to leaves players to dilemma why Fortnite additional the new island if it wasn’t the meant locale of the Bat Cave. Will a new landmark be extra to the landmass? Will it even be connected to Fortnite’s crossover with DC? We will continue to keep you posted as much more Batman x Fortnite news arrives to light.

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