Fortnite Telescope Parts Areas – How and Where to Destroy and Accumulate Telescope Pieces

In this article is wherever you can come across all of the Telescope Parts in Fortnite.

Challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale are typically launched on Thursdays, however there was a information update that was launched earlier today in which Epic have added Tornadoes and Lightning weather conditions to the video game. This nevertheless will not be added to competitive playlists and you can see the improvements that have been produced by clicking below.

Fortnite Update Today Patch Notes January 11 2022 New Weather

With the introduction of these weather modifications, it appears there is a limited time obstacle that has been additional to the recreation. There are two sections of this challenge, with the first component necessitating you to land at the Launchpad, or any of the 7 Outposts.

Fortnite How and Wherever to Ruin and Gather Telescope Areas

The next phase of the problem asks you to destroy and obtain telescope areas in a one match and in purchase to full the obstacle, you should accumulate a few sections. You can see all of the telescope component locations marked on the map beneath and if you continue reading, we will clearly show you the greatest destinations to go in order to entire the problem quickly:

Fortnite Telescope Map Locations
Fortnite Telescope Map Destinations

We would endorse landing at the Launchpad to start off as you will see there is a telescope you can wipe out just north of that locale. If you go into the setting up, you will see the telescope is surrounded by a blue light-weight and all you need to do is to strike it with your pickaxe, in which you will then see you can interact with it to acquire it, as seen in the picture below:

Fortnite Collect Telescope Parts
Fortnite Acquire Telescope Areas

You then want to go to the tiny island south of in which you had been and you will see the telescope outside the house, wherever you will all over again want to hit it and then accumulate the sections. If you just cannot locate the exact site, have a glimpse at the mini map in the image earlier mentioned and this is in which you will find it.

We would then advocate you head to the telescope that is positioned in the Sanctuary. Yet again, if you are acquiring difficulty obtaining it, search in the mini-map in the image below for the specific locale.

Fortnite Collect Telescope Part in The Sanctuary Challenge
Fortnite Acquire Telescope Portion in The Sanctuary Challenge

After you have finished this challenge, you will be awarded with 25,000 XP. Make absolutely sure you complete the obstacle as quickly as achievable as you have as soon as 7 days and four times from now in which to finish it.

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