Fortnite Spire challenges: how to collect a Cult Talisman

The Fortnite Period 6 Spire quests involve gamers to gather a Cult Talisman from a Guardian for Raz. Here’s wherever you need to have to go.

Fortnite Period six has a sub-plot brewing below the surface area, involving some of the new Battle Go characters. Raz, one of the people found in Colossal Crops, demands an item called a Cult Talisman so he can end his disguise.

To full this quest, you are going to first will need to acquire Artifacts from Tarana, discover Raz, engage in the previous log, finish five Uncommon or rarer quests, and retrieve the Cult Artifact from The Spire. Soon after that, you need to have to just take on one of the 6 Guardians of the island.

Fortnite Spire Assassin

Fortnite Cult Talisman place

After you full all of the prerequisite quests, you can head to just one of the five smaller Spires on the map to take on a person of their Guardians. You’ve almost certainly had a run-in with one of them right before, and know how complicated they can be to deal with.

The Guardians have a substantial amount of money of wellbeing and can teleport all over you. Landing at just one of these destinations is exceptionally perilous, as you’ll need to have to fend off gamers and the lethal Guardian.

Here’s a map of all of the Guardian locations from Fortnite.GG.

Fortnite cult talisman locations

Now, along with an Epic Primal AR and the orb demanded to unlock the Spire Jumpboots, the Assassin will fall a Cult Talisman. You are going to require to obtain it by hitting ‘interact’ and provide the artifact to Raz to complete this phase of the quest.

This isn’t the ultimate phase of the Spire questline. We’ll preserve you current with more suggestions for finishing these challenges. Right until then, make guaranteed to follow us on Twitter @FortniteINTEL so you by no means overlook out on any of the most up-to-date Fortnite news.

Graphic Credit: Epic Online games, Fortnite.GG

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