Fortnite Period eight: Where to obtain Rainbow Ink to personalize Toona Fish

Fortnite Season 8 introduces a different customizable character, and it functions related to Kymera. Here’s how to get Rainbow Ink to customise the Toona Fish pores and skin.

Fortnite has produced a habit of introducing hugely customizable skins. The Soccer, Superhero, and Banner Brigade skins enable players to develop extremely customizable people. Even so, these skins are all ordered from the Product Store.

There are some exceptional skins that are only attained by means of the Fight Go. These skins include Maya, Kymera, and now Toona Fish. Yet, Fortnite doesn’t give gamers all of the customization choices for these skins upfront.

Rather, gamers have to earn these customization alternatives before the time ends. In the situation of Maya, gamers had to solidify their character before the season’s finish. For Kymera, gamers just experienced to make ample credits to purchase the customizations right before Season 7 ended.

Discovering Rainbow Ink in Fortnite Year eight

Toona Fish is the cartoon edition of Fishstick. He is also the second Fortnite mascot to be turned into a cartoon. Contrary to Toon Meowscles, Toona Fish doesn’t have to continue to be black and white. Players can unlock diverse colours for him to wear.

Gamers unlock these distinctive colors by amassing Rainbow Ink. Rainbow Ink is the Time eight equivalent of Alien Artifacts. After players accumulate plenty of Rainbow Ink, they can order various hues for Toona Fish.

It may perhaps be disappointing to some, but Cosmic Chests have manufactured a return this period. Players will want to open Cosmic Chests in Fortnite to receive Rainbow Ink. You can generate a maximum of 25 Rainbow Ink for every 7 days maxing out at 250 Rainbow Ink.

Toona Fish color customizations

As effectively, players can come across Coloration Bottles all over the map to unlock hues to use on Toona Fish. Gamers can use these to colour the Toona Fish skin on the other hand they want. Gamers can use the Rainbow Ink to invest in premade color outfits.

For a lot more Fortnite, examine out all of the new weapons extra throughout Period 8, and keep tuned for far more news and guides.

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