Fortnite Island Hopper quests: How to unlock achievements in Parkour Universe

The No Sweat Summer time celebration in Fortnite has launched maps such as Parkour Universe. Gamers can complete Island Hopper quests in these maps for free cosmetics and XP benefits.

With Fortnite v21.10, 6 Island Hopper quests are obtainable to players. Every single quest grants 10,000 XP and completing all 6 allows in unlocking specific no cost cosmetics. These cosmetics have a tropical design and style which naturally fits the No Sweat Summer and Vibin’ themes.

Here’s how you can unlock achievements in Parkour Universe and get 10,000 XP.

Least complicated achievements in Fortnite’s Parkour Universe map

You don’t genuinely need to have to total all 12 levels to unlock achievements in Parkour Universe. In reality, finishing two stages and acquiring a secret token is enough.

Secret Token place in Autumn Plains

Autumn Plains is one particular of the easiest phases in Parkour Universe. The route is pretty easy and there are various huts mounted on logs. Only a person of these huts will be available and gamers will be equipped to place a blue token inside it from a distance.

For improved clarity, the token is within the hut which is found correct behind the first checkpoint in Autumn Plains.

Autumn Plains phase inside of Parkour Universe map in Fortnite

Key Token location in Splashy Assemblies

Splashy Assemblies is another Parkour Universe map that is uncomplicated and precise. You have to basically follow the in-recreation hints to arrive at the first checkpoint.

The secret token is situated underneath the very first checkpoint’s system. Gamers should be watchful even though leaping from the platform’s edge as landing in the drinking water will compel them to restart.

The ‘Unlock Achievements in Parkour Universe’ Island Hopper quest necessitates loopers to unlock a few achievements. Ending the aforementioned levels and finding the magic formula token in any stage need to entire this quest and grant 10,000 XP.

It is truly worth noting that the Island Hopper quests are glitched for several loopers in the neighborhood. Even right after finishing the sought after responsibilities, the game fails to monitor their development. It is common for these kinds of bugs to arrive subsequent a main update, and the ideal way to get rid of them is by restarting Fortnite.

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