Fortnite: Go to Scenic Place, Lovely Gorge & Mount Kay Places

Here’s the Fortnite spots of where by to pay a visit to Scenic Location, Magnificent Gorge, and Mount Kay.

The Fortnite 7 days 12 difficulties are right here. After this week, we even now have one more a few months of problems to complete prior to the time draws to a shut. The scheduled finish date of the present-day time is March 15th, on the other hand, there’s usually a opportunity Epic Games require to hold off the new period for a couple of days or months.

This months troubles have to have gamers to complete duties such as throwing a fish back in to the water, destroying inflatable tubemen that are observed at gas stations, dealing hurt within just 15 seconds of gliding, acquiring a household portrait and far more.

One particular of the issues also calls for players to take a look at a few various places on the map. The obstacle is to pay a visit to Scenic Spot, Lovely Gorge and Mount Kay. With the quantity of issues we have had due to the fact the launch of Fortnite chapter two for Lovely Gorge and Mount Kay, you must know where by they are by now. However, it’s probable a fair number of players will not know where a Scenic Spot is in Fortnite.

We’ll swiftly go about the spots of where by to pay a visit to Scenic Place together with the areas of Attractive Gorge & Mount Kay.

Stunning Gorge Area

You can uncover Magnificent Gorge north east of Hunter’s Haven. It is ideal following to the desert biome. Here’s the map locale:

Gorgeous Gorge Fortnite
Lovely Gorge Fortnite

Mount Kay

Mount Kay can be located on the south east facet of the map, south of Catty Corner. It’s the huge snowy mountain in which you necessary to check out to unlock a person of the Thor cosmetics from the Fortnite chapter two season four Marvel Battle Pass.

You will see a flag at Mount Kay and here’s the precise map spot:

Mount Kay
Mount Kay

Scenic Spot Fortnite Locale

The Scenic Spot Fortnite site can be located north of Colossal Coliseum on a compact hill just outdoors of the desert biome. Here’s the specific map spot:

Where is Scenic Spot in Fortnite
The place is Scenic Spot in Fortnite

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