Fortnite devs ultimately react to longstanding controller stock bug

Fortnite controller players have been complaining about a aggravating stock bug for nicely above a calendar year. Eventually, right after months of silence, Epic have acknowledged the issue.

Fortnite is just one of the 1st and only game titles to deliver cross-system to competitive perform. Controller players on all platforms contend in the identical bracket as Pc gamers on mouse and keyboard.

You can point out the positive aspects and cons of just about every enter, but there are a handful of issues that fall outside the house of the typical “balance” discussion. A person of these matters is a bug that has been influencing controller gamers for well above a year.

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Epic answer to longstanding Fortnite controller bug

This controller inventory bug has been in the video game due to the fact NICKMERCS was nevertheless streaming Fortnite each and every working day.

For the entirety of Fortnite’s lifespan, controller gamers would open their stock to locate their cursor on their initial slot. From there, there was regularity about exactly where you required to shift your weapons and items or fall supplies for a teammate.

A bug surfaced in excess of a yr in the past, causing controller gamers to have their equipped merchandise be the 1st detail selected when opening their inventory. What is worse is that often, various things would be picked and it would freeze the monitor, forcing you to back out and re-enter the inventory.

Naturally, this led to a whole lot of aggravation within the community. Many Reddit threads popped up showcasing and complaining about the bug, but Epic hardly ever appeared to take recognize.

This was the situation till Redditor gh0stly2 tagged the Epic progress group in the feedback of a person of these posts.”We know you fellas see this stuff,” he wrote, “and it is seriously unacceptable that this has been in the recreation for a total year. Get rid of it.”

To his shock, the workforce responded, expressing, “Thanks for the tag and bringing to our interest. Eyes on it now,” and confirming that they are tracking the problem.

At the time of composing, the problem nevertheless is not posted on the Fortnite Group Issues Trello board, but the Reddit put up is only a working day old. We assume to see the difficulty resolved in a long term patch, as Epic however have to have to do some investigating.

This change could possibly be coming a little bit late, but it is excellent to know that Epic are lastly on the lookout into the dilemma and will be doing work on a deal with. For now, that is all we can ask.

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