How to get Beast Boy and Raven cosmetics in Fortnite

Epic Online games has announced that one more member of the Teenager Titans, Beast Boy, will be coming to Fortnite. Players can generate exceptional Beast Boy and Raven cosmetics by competing in an forthcoming event. Beast Boy and Raven are very long-standing users of the DC superhero group the Teen Titans. Raven was uncovered to

Fortnite leaks ensure long term Deathstroke skin

New Fortnite leaks have confirmed speculation that DC villain, Deathstroke, will be receiving a Fortnite skin in the foreseeable future. The Fortnite X DC Comics Batman series has been a delight for equally DC and Fortnite enthusiasts. The limited-version collection delivers Batman and other heroes to the Fortnite entire world, together with some legendary villains.

How to get the exceptional Rebirth Harley Quinn pores and skin in Fortnite

The Fortnite X Batman comedian collection has officially been announced, giving gamers a likelihood to get paid constrained-edition skins by obtaining the comics. The Batman X Fortnite comedian collection has been teased for a while, with many releases bringing clarity to both of those the comic and the long term of the map. So considerably,